Free Ai Weiwei

foto Tate Modern

“On april 3rd, Ai Weiwei was detained at the Beijing airport en route to Hong Kong, and his papers and computers were seized from his studio compound. No word has been heard from him since.

Ai Weiwei had a solo exhibition in 2008 at the Groninger Museum, and upon hearing this sad news, we have become very worried for our dear friend.

Please help us win the release of Ai Weiwei by signing this petition at

Thank you!”

Op de site van het Groninger Museum staat bovenstaande oproep.
Uiteraard heb ik de petitie reeds ondertekend.


Zie ook de recente bijdrage over de verdwijning van Ai Weiwei.

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Een reactie op Free Ai Weiwei

  1. mrtaurus zegt:

    Hi there! Thank you for that post. Brilliant just brilliant.

    I am actually curating a project in London for Ai Weiwei’s capture-awareness and release. It is called The Chinese Art Project,, and I am looking to do an exhibition using art as a symbol of unique interpretation and freedom of expression. Hopefully I’ll have 25 peices of art to exhibit from 5 unique artists. You’d be so welcome to come! I guess it’s about pulling together and standing for our rights. Especially in an age of social media power. I’ve put a project video plan up here it would be great if you could find an outlet to let readers know.

    Many thanks! Keep up the good work.
    Mr Taurus.

    p.s. i’m on twitter: ChineseTwhisper
    p.p.s. I’ve added your blog to my links on the site

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